White and blue Macarons

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macarons israel

White and blue Macarons + yogurt strawberry chocolate

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One of the pluses of home making macarons is the fact that we can "go wild" with the combinations of the shell's colours.
Most of the bakeries that sell these cookies sells macarons with the same colour on the top and on the bottom. The colour of the shell suggests the macarons filling flavours. For example – if the shells are yellow so it's probably lemon macarons and so on..
The colour doesn't matter  because the flavour of the macarons lays in the filling, the shells has no flavor, it's just the food coloring which turns them colourful.

So yes, the process of preparing the shells is the hardest part (literally), but the flavour comes from the filling inside, so that means that we can make different colours shells in one macaron.

מקרונים כחול לבן

One of the most fascinating thing about macarons is that each macaron in each pastry shop or at home, tastes differently. This is because of the fact that different ganaches and fillings are giving the macarons difffernt flavours, and each colour combination, give the macarons different look.


macarons israel

A classic ganache is made of smooth batter of blended hot cream and chocolate. The priority is for dark chocolate with no sugar, because the macarons shells are already sweet and we don't want to make cookies that overly sweet.

Like in the real life, that not everything is black or white, so is the chocolate. We can find in any market different variations of chocolate with different flavours.

This time I bought yogurt strawberry chocolate and I decided that this chocolate will turn to be a ganache for my macarons.

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The recipe is like any other classic ganache recipe:

100g chocolate
50ml cream

in a small saucepan cook the cream, when it boiling remove from heat, add the chocolate pieces and stir ’til the batter is smooth.

you can add some melted unsalted butter to the batter if you want to reduce the sweetness, or you can even add some drops of lemon juice.

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Anyway, you can make ganache with any chocolate you wish, just beware not to make overly sweet ganache, we don't want our macarons to be too sweet 🙂

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macarons israel

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macarons israel

These macarons reminds me of the smurfs 🙂


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