Macarons that made with swiss meringue

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This week I was trying (again) to make meringue kisses cookies but with swiss meringue. Again, I failed with this task, and they say that macarons are difficut to make… Why am I telling this? because I eventually prepared macarons with the swiss meringue method.
My failure kisses meringue cookies was made with swiss meringue, I remembered that once I saw that macarons can be made with this meringue method, but I kinda igonored it becasue I saw that almost no one has  mentioned this method for macaron making. This time I decided to prepare macarons with this swiss method.

Swiss meringue method is when we whisk the sugar and the egg whites in a bain marie until it dissolve and becoming like a syrup, then whipping it in an electric mixer. The rest of the method is just like the french meringue method.

The advantages of this method comparing to the french meringue method:  the meringue is more stable and it easier to succeed with this method, this method is not delicate and affected by humidity like the french meringue, the macarons get dry before baking very fast comaparing to the french ones.

The advantages of this method comparing to the italian meringue method: the texture is more crispy and less "chewy" than the italian one, and here there's no need for candy thermometer.

The disadvantages of this method comparing to the french meringue method: we need to "babysit" the egg whites and sugar in a bain marie for like 5 minutes and whisk it until the sugar is melting, we need to beware that the egg whites won't get cooked.

The disadvantages of this method comparing to the italian meringue method: The italian meringue is more stable than both methods, and it "responds" better to liquid fillimgs.

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The first time that I made macarons with swiss meringue method, I use the same amount of ingredients likef the french meringue recipe (because I didn't find any recipe of this swiss macarons). When I was folding the almonds along with the icing sugar and the egg whites, I noiced that it will be a failure because the ratio of the ingredient wasn't good. I took some photos and later threw the macarons into the garbage. The macarons ware terible, but I liked how the photos looked like

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I decided to try to prepare swiss macarons again. This time I add less almond and icing sugar comparing to the french meringue recipe. I baked it and the macarons turned out beautiful and charming.

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חכו, כבר יהיה פה מתכון

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Am I going to use this method from now on? no, I like the texture of the french meringue much more than the italian and swiss meringue methods, although the french meringue method is a very genlte method.

So here is the recipe for swiss meringue macarons shells:

2 egg whites – room tempertured
70 gram white sugar
100 g icing sugar
50 g almonds flour
gel food colourimg (optional)


* sift the ground almonds with the confectioners sugar twice in a bowl. big chuncks cannot get inside the mixture.
* In a bain marie, put the egg whites and the white sugar and whisk it like 5 minutes until sugar dissolves.
* Remove from heat and put it in a mixer bowl.
* mix it  in a mixer-  mix until it gets stiff peek
* add food coloring to the egg batter.
* the tricky part – fold the ground almonds and the confectioners sugar  with the egg whites. do not overfold and don’t underfold.
* insert the batter into a piping bag and pipe the macarons on the baking sheets.
* rap each baking sheet firmly on the counter two times.
* wait at least 20 minutes or until the macarons top become dry when you touch it,
*i nsert the baking sheet to the oven (one baking sheet at a time) .it should be bake for 12 minutes in  150 c.


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