Smiley macarons

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Smiley macarons

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Smiley macarons

Reaching simplicity is very complicated. The "smileys" invention is a genious invention- two elipses above simple curve that creates this iconic shape.

There's no day which we don't get to see smileys, especially because of the fact that we talk with other people through the virtual world.:)
Smiley are the best, simple, yellow and.. smiley. Of course there are some "complicated" smileys, but we all can paint this simple shape of the basic smiley, even me, that unfortunately I don't know how to paint…

In baking shop, we can find "edibe markers". This markers are great for macarons, because of the smooth top of the shells.
This is not the first time that I make smiley macarons, but this time I made it especially for this post.

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So what filling did I use for these macarons? Amazing and simple filling  f lotus spread and cream cheese.

2 table spoon lotus spread
1 table spoon of creem cheese
1 table spoon coconut chips

Mix all the ingredients together for one minute.

This filling is great, the sweet spread and the "creamy" cheese combines great together. The coconut chips gives  volume to the filling.

 So, after I baked the macarons, I wait until they chill, and then I paint smiley on top of the shells with my edible marker (don't even dare to paint with a regular marker   )

later I add the lotus and cream cheese filling. Look how smiley are they..

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