Sabra fruit, mango, banana and macarons

מקרון סברס מנגו (6)

מקרון סברס מנגו (7)


Last week I wrote here a post that deals with the negative effects of high humidity when making macarons, especially when we prepare the batter with the french meringue method.
The solution for this problem is to turn on the air conditioner and let the macarons sits and dry in an air-conditioned room before baking. If the macarons rest in a high humid and not air-conditioned room, it will take the macarons forever to get dry.

Thank to the electric cold air, I could make these macarons as you can see in these picture below, although the humidity this week has been like 70%:

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So the hot summer in Tel-Aviv at its peak, and so does the tastiest summer fruits at its peak, I really love sabra fruit and  mango. When the mango is mature and sweet, it's like a medicine in these warm days.

Thanks to my dad that picks sabra fruits, I have so many sabra fruits in my refrigerator. So if I have such a tasy fruit, why shouldn't I combine it with macarons?

After I've filled macarons with swiss buttercream (as you can read in this post), I decided that this buttercream is the ideal filling for macarons. This time I made swiss buttercream, but instead of the vanilla extract, I add mango extract. I smashed the sabra fruit and comnbine it with the swiss buttercream. It turn to be very tasty

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I also put some fruit pieces inside the macaron-

Macarons that filled with only fruit chunks, can not live longer than 10 hours in the refrigerator.

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Then I put the macarons in my living room and took some photos.
Regardless of macarons, mango is one of the tastiest fruits ever…

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Sabra fruit, mango, banana and macarons


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