This post is going to be short but full of rice krispies

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This time I've decided to add rice krispies for the macarons filling

There are several reasons why we should use rice krispies along with the macarons filling:
Enlarging the volume of the macarons filling
Cheap ingredient
Neutralizes the sweetness of the filling (which is great when the macarons shells are already sweet)
It is possible to cut the rice krispies in a food processor in order to to make the filling smoother
It's gluten free and it combines great with parve and dairy free ingredients

So why not using it?

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I went to the grocery store, while I was looking for this snyder's snack which I really love, I saw this pack of rice krispies, so I bought  it too.

So.. I melted chocolate, add some milk, and blend it with large amount of rice krispies and chopped dried cranberrie. adding cranberries was an excelent idea. This filling taste amazing, the rice krispies are contributing for reducing the sweetness of the cookies.

If you are making a filling with rice krispies and it feels complicated to pipe, you can put the filling in a food processor in order to make the filling much more like spread and easy for drizzling.
The rice krispies are great for various kind of treats.

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So what is the recipe?
You can mix rice krispies with any spread or ganache you like,  with any ratio you like, as long as the filling won't be too sweet and of course not too liquid, so it won't ruin the macarons' shells.

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