Pomegranate macarons

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I am writing this post because "Rosh Hashana" is coming soon. Rosh hashana is a jewish holiday. One of the thing that symbolyzes our new year is the pomegrante fruit.

So…I'll be corny and write about pomegranate macarons. Luckily, there's pomegrante syrup in the markets, this syrup is great for many kind of dishes.
This fruit (syrup) is excelent for macaron filling because of it sourness which completes the sweetness of the macarons shells.
Thanks for this syrup, it is very easy to make pomegranate filling or ganache.

You can add this syrup to buttercream, ganaches and anything that suitable.

The chocolate ganache is just like any other ganache, you just need to add the syrup to the cream: in a hot saucepan stir the heavy cream with the pomegranate syrup, remove from heat and mix it together with the chocolate until the batter is smooth, if you want to make it pareve or dairy free, we can use vegetable milk cream instead of the heavy cream.

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I did it with instant pudding, here is the simple recipe for pomegranate filling:


250 ml heavy cream (or vegetable cream for "parve" filling)
80 g instant pudding powder
3 table spoon of pomegranate syrup
1 table spoon of icing sugar
30 g room temperture butter


In an electric mixer, mix all the ingredients together for 3 minutes

The filling is ready for piping! 🙂

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Have fun

חג שמח!


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