Oreo macarons + Cream of Tartar

Oreo cookies are one of the best cookies, they're so tasty by themselves and when combined with desserts and cakes.
It's so fun that we can also combine these cookies in the macarons, we can combine them with the macarons shells, and with the filling / ganaches.

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So how do we make oreo macarons shells? we simply add oreo crumbs to the icing sugar and the ground almonds, and sift them together.
Oreo crumbs is refering to the ground oreo cookies shells without the tasty white filling inside.

Is it worth doing all this process? only if you have spare time or you can buy prepared oreo crumbs in the super market. In Israel we don't have it so I had to do it with a food processor.
If you don't have prepared oreo crumbs in your home country, you don't have to do it, because eventually, the macarons taste comes from its filling inside, so we better consider making oreo filling instead of oreo macarons shells.

The process of making the oreo crumbs is not worth the waste of time, because eventually, the flavour lays in the macarons fillimg.

There's another option – you can make regular macarons shell, and after piping on baking pan, sprinkle oreo crumbs on top of the macaron shells. Beware not to sprinkle with wet hands, little drops of water can ruin the macarons.

Anyway, if you want a recipe for oreo macarons shells, here it is:


Oreo macaron shells (french meringue method)


* 2 egg whites (size L, room temperature)
*  5 tablespoon of white sugar.
* on cup confectioners sugar
* 1/2 cup of ground almonds
* 2 table spoons of oreo crumbs (only the crumbs of the oreo brown shells)

just like the basic recipe in the french meringue method, in a sieve, sift the oreo crumbs together with the ground almonds and the confectioanl sugar.

And what about macarons filling / ganache? There are endless ideas for oreo fillings.

You can take 6 oreo sandwich cookies and put them in a food processor together with 1/2 cup of cream cheese, and you'll get a delicous and easy filling.
You can also make a ganache with prepared white chocolate filled with oreo chunks (almost every super market has it), and stir it with hot heavy cream until smooth batter. You can also make a regular chocolate ganache with heavy cream, and insert inside oreo crumbs and stir.

And if you got tired, you can always use a prepared spread. Try to put a spread which is not too sweet, because the macarons shells are already sweet.

Now I'm gonna write some few words about cream of tartar.

Many meringue recipes, use cream of tartar when beating the egg whites. cream of tartar is used for stabilize the meringue. My first experiences with macarons home making weren't consistents, some tries went right and some tries went right to the garbage can. I bought this cream of tartar because I thought it's gonna save my macarons, but as I've learnt so far, cream of tartar doesn't really matter. What matters is to follow the instructions, and beware not to dirt the macarons batter.

At my first experiment with oreo macarons shells, I add cream of tartar to the egg whites, the results weren't good as you can see:

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Now that I have a lot of experience with macarons baking, I know that cream of tartar is not necessary for the meringue. Maybe in the summer, when the humidity is very high in Tel Aviv, I will have to use cream of tartar, who knows… 🙂

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Anyway, if you want to make oreo macarons, spend your time over the oreo ganache or filling, instead of the oreo macarons shells, because the taste of the macaron comes from its filling. The shells are the "decorative" part of the macarons, and the fillings are the taste itself.מקרון שרשרת פנינים (6)

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