Marshmallow macarons

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Marshmallow macarons

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Just like the previous post, this post will deal with prepared filling for macarons .
I don't know how long this marshmallow fluff exists, but in Israel, the markets have just started to sell this "fluff"..

ממרח מרשמלו

This is not an advertisment for this product, I just think it's right to write here about any prepared filling for macarons, instead of making one.

When I saw this product, I decided to take it to my "macaron laboratory" – my kitchen 🙂
So I tried it as a  filling for macarons, and this fluff works great as a macaron filling.
The spread is not too sweet, which is a big advantage. The problem with that fluff is that it's very "sticky" so when you keep the macarons in the refrigerator, the macarons shells can move and stick to another, so be careful with that.

I think that this great filling is great for kids. adults may like it less.

This fluff is pareve, dairy free and gluten free.

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Marshmallow macarons


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