Macarons with fruits pieces

מקרונים עם בננה

מקרונים עם תותים עוגיות מקרון עם תות

The good news: The macarons are delicous with fruit pieces only. We don't have to bother making a filling or ganache, and even "weight watchers" won't give up eating these macarons.
The bad news: The ftuit's juice ruin the macarons after 20 hours in the refrigerator.  no matter what meringue method the macarons are made of.

After my successful experiment with macarons that filled with home made confiture, I bought more strawberries.
This time I decided to slice some few strawberries and use them as a macaron's filling. This is the fastest, cheapest and easiest making filling I've ever put on macarons.
I use this strawberries as an experiment only, because I knew that the strawberries' moisture can ruin the macarons.
So I put sliced strawberries on macarons that made with the french and italy meringue method, to see if there are any differences.

I ate these macarons each 3 hours to see if the macarons are still "holding on" with the liquid fruit. The taste was amazing, the slightly sourness of the strawberry combines great with the sweet macarons shells.
But enough is enough, and after like 20 hours the fruit's juice has melted the macarons shells (althouh the macarons were still tasty).

Although I use only french meringue macarons, this time I put the strawberries also on macarons shells that made with the italian meringue method. I did it because the meringue in this method is more stable, the texture is more "chewie" and not melt in the mouth like the macarons that made with the french meringue method. But despite this, the fruit's liquid has melted both the italian and french macarons after one day…

So the bottom line is  – macarons with fruits pieces can survive only one day in the refrigerator.
This is a great pareve dessert, dairy and gluten free.

One day after I use strawberries pieces , I did the same process with banana slices. Banana is my favorite fruit, I eat bananas every day…
The conclusion after the banana experiment: the same as the strawberries. The moisture of the banana melts the macarons shells after one day.

Fruits pieces with cocoa macarons shells are more stable than regular macarons shells, they can survive for 2 days in the refrigerator.

You can try using any fruit you wish, but make sure it's not too liquid like orange, or not too stiff like apples.

Macarons are usually tastier one day after we add filling or ganache, but here it's a differnt story. The macarons absorbs the fruit liquid very fast. That's why this fruit filling can be good solution for the last minute preparetion . (consuming that you have frozen shells in the freezer). you just take the shells out of the freezer, and you can make great dessert for you and your beloved ones.

As I wrote on earlier post about freezing macarons, I don't like to cook or bake under pressure, so I always keep in the freezer sealed box with macarons shells. Macarons shells (with no filling), can stay for several months in the freezer. 20 minutes after we take them out of the freezer, they become soft as they were after baking.

מקרונים עם בננה

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