This post is written especially for who of you that make macarons and don't understand why it takes more than 25 minutes for  the macarons to get dry. If you haven't encountered with this isssue, you can skip this post 🙂

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One of the inhibitive causes that makes the macarons dry slow is the humidity. This pots was written before the summer, so here there will be no reference to the humidity damages. If you would like to read about the bad effects of the humidity when making macarons, click here.

Lately I have made some batches of macaroms, and I didn't understand why it takes the macarons so many time to get dry before putting them in the oven. As known, we can insert macaron into the oven only after the shells have become dry.

I've tried so many thing, I used cream of tartar, I was aging the egg whites, and nothing helped, it was driving me crazy that sometimes it took more than one hour to get the macarons shells dry.

If it woudn't getting me crazy, I wouldn't be so happy to resolve the problem. The solution is simple – I found out by myself that it depends on how fresh the ground almonds are. if the almond flour is "old" then it'll take more time for the macarons to get dry.

So how did I resolve this problem? I just remember that  each time that I make macarons wih different nuts like pistachio, seeds, the macarons always get dry fast. So I was asking myself, is it because of that I use different ingredient other than almonds, or is it because I grind the nuts right before I make the macarons? I assume that maybe fresh nuts are more oily and that what makes the macarons dry fast. I have never studied pastry, I haven't found this answer in google, I had to learn it with the experience..
And yes.. I bought new package of almonds (not ground almonds), I grind them and use it for macarons. So how much time did it take them to get dry? only 10 minutes! comparing to one hour for macarons that made with aged ground almonds.
The macarons turn even better than before.

I have to say that I knew that "oily" ingredient makes the macarons dry fast, becasue everytime I made macarons with cococa, the macarons had become dry fast, I thought it because of the cocoa, i never connected it to the almonds freshness.

So what is the practical conclusion for you guys? No, you don't have to buy grinder and grind the almonds by yourself, just notice that you always use almond flour from sealed packing. don't let the packing stay open for long time and lose it freshness.

I had this problem because I buy large quantity of almond flour, this almond flout loses its freshness with the time. So I guess it's not right to store too much ground almonds..

It's so great to solve an annoying problem 🙂

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