macarons with cake filling

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This post is written especially for people who always have leftovers cakes in the refrigerator.
This time I've decided to make macaron with filling that consist of cake blended with frosting / cheese / spread.
I  borrowed this idea from  Bakerella and her lovely "Cake pops" . These cake pops consist of smashed cake along with any kind of frosting.
Usually in cake pops we use sweet frosting, but here we have macaron shells which are already sweet, so we don't want our filling to be overly sweet, so we can use cheese or non sweet spread along with the cake. I know I've said it like 1000 time here, but it's very important rule in macaron making, we can't let the macaron to be too sweet. less is more 😉

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So what is the recipe?
free your mind

2 pieces of any cake
1tbs of any spread /cheese / jam / frosting /preserves (NON SWEET)

Smash the cake and mix with the frosting until well combined. if it's too "crumby" add more frosting, and if it's too moist, add more cake.
Insert into a piping bag and drizzle onto the macarons!
Enjoy 🙂
The macarons are tastier one day after they're in the refrigerator, that way they absorbs the flavour better.

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This week many of my friends  have sent me whatsapp with the news: "Laduree is about to open it's first shop in Israel", I was so happy to hear that. Even though I've been in Paris twice, I didn't taste too many macarons, so I can't wait now to taste Laduree macarons 🙂 welcome to Tel Aviv

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