Macaons with ground kashio nutsמקרונים עם אגוזי קשיו (1)

In my latest post, I wrote about the coffee and spice grinder that I've bought, and my experiments with the sunflower seeds and pistachio macarons.

After my success with making macarons with ground sunflower seeds, I had a big curiosity to try different kind of ground nuts for the macarons instead of ground almond.
As I wrote in the previous post, after I've ground the kashio nuts, the ground kashio looked just the same as ground almond, so I took my time with these nuts.
After one day, I decided that I must try ground kashio for macarons.
So I made macarons with the regular recipe, I just had to replace the ground almonds with ground kashio nuts. The rest of the process is the same process, nothing changes.

So I made the macarons batter, I piped it and sprinkle some dried vanilla grains on the top of the macarons. I waited 25 minutes until the macarons gets dry and insert the baking pan into the oven.
The macarons that I piped were tiny, so it took them like 9-10 minutes to be ready.

מקרונים עם אגוזי קשיו (2)

The "stiff peaks" on the top of the macarons shows that I underfold the batter, but other than that, the macarons was fabulous.
I was waiting like 15 minutes until the macarons cooled down then I tasted it. So how does it taste? I think it's tastier than classic macarons with almond, but you know, different strokes for different folks…
Am I going to use these nuts from now on? No, beacuse they're much more expensive here, so I'll keep using the ground almonds.

The filling that I made for this macarons was quite simple but sooooo tasty, I've probably wrote about it in my oreo post.
I took a cream cheese + classic oreo cookies, and put it inside the food processor. the ratio between the cheese and the cookies should be 2:1, 2 tables spoons of cream cheese for one oreo cookie. This filling can also be a great basic for oreo cake (yes, I also love cakes 🙂 ) Thank god for the food processor.. this filling is so good.
Just notice that if you use oreo for filling, the macarons won't be gluten free anymore.

I've also bought coffee beans in the street market, these beans ended their life ground and melted in a delicious black coffe. coffee=love.

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עוגיות מקרון עם אגוזי קשיו


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