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This may be the most purple and "relaxed" post on this website
As it well known, The Lavender plant has medical properties, but it best charm lays in the fact that we can combine it with desserts 😉
Adding lavender taste to the macaron filling is very easy, all we need is a sieve to brew the lavender seeds.

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The macaron shells are regular shells, no need to use lavender powder for the shells. after piping the macarons, you can add dried lavender seeds for decoration. Purple food coloring is recommended for this macarons.

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So how do we make simple lavander ganache? we need to use dried edible lavender seeds (you can find it in any health food store), or lavender extract.

80 gram white chocolate
50 gram butter
60 ml heavy cream
one table spoon of dried edible lavender seeds or one teaspoon of lavender extract.

In a bain marie  – put the butter and the white chocolate until it melts
In a small saucepan insert the heavy cream and lavender seeds, when it boils remove from the heat.
with a sieve, sift the heavy cream to the chocolate and butter bowl, the lavender seed shouldn't enter the ganache.
Mix all the ingredients together until the batter is smooth.
insert the batter to the refrigerator for at least one hour for cooling down.
the batter is ready for piping!
If you think that the ganache is too sweet, you can mix it with coconut chips.

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This time I felt like making macarons shells with the italian meringue method instead of the french meringue method, which I usually use. I don't know why, but everytime I make macarons with the italian meringue method, the macarons turns fine despite of the fact that my mixer and bowl seems like after a nuclear attack. the mixer bowl is so sticky because of the sugar syrup, everything is sticky, but the macarons turns great. I can understand why bakeries prefer working with this method, there's more room for mistakes and the macaron batter is not affected by the humidity. Personally, I still prefer the texture of the french meringue method, but there is no doubt that it easier to succeed with making macarons with the italian method.

If you like an "airy" texture which melts in the mouth – use the french meringue method
If you like a chewie and slightly sticky texture – use the italian meringue method

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