Instant pudding, instant ganache for macarons

In Israel, the instant pudding powder is very popular with home making desserts. No matter the brand, this product is staring  in many kind of cakes (especially in "biscuit cake", which is very popular here).

The fun part of the instant pudding is that it is so easy to prepare , and it's not expensive ingredient. The electric mixer is doing  the "hard work", the only thing that we have to do is  to wash the dishes..

So why do I write about this pudding in a macaron's blog? Because we can use this easy delicious pudding for our macarons filling of course.
Instant pudding is usually filled with the instant pudding powder, heavy cream and milk. We don't want our filling to be too liquid, so we don't use milk here.

So, how did I make the "strawberry instant pudding"?
250 g heavy cream
80 g instant pudding powder
2 table spoon of strawberry syrup
Instructions: In an electric mixer mix 2 minutes the heavy cream and the powder, add the syrup and mix for another 1 minute.

I use this hershy's strawberry syrup:

Hershey's strawberry syrup

You can use any syrup or food flavoring you like, you can add fruit extract insted, meltetd chocolate, vanilla extract, or anything you can think of.. Just beware that what you add is not too sweet, because the macarons shells are already sweet. Thanks the mixer god for giving us the electric mixer, we can't go wrong with this instant pudding filling.

On another topic, two weeks ago I was wondering about the food coloring issue, I found an article that says that almost every processed food or even not preocessed food, contains food coloring. It's a little scary, but edible…

I was trying to do macarons with natural food coloring, I chose the turmeric (curcumin) spice for this task. The macarons looked great, but lucky me you can't smell these pictures, turmeric and macarons shells are not friends… 🙂

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