Healthy macaron fillings

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Healthy macaron fillings

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It's been a while since I've written a post here, I just didn't have anyhing to write about.

This time I felt like writting about macaron fillings with high nutritional values, comparing to the common filling that we use for macarons like buttercream that is not that healthy.
I'm not an health freak, but I'm trying to eat healthy whenever I can, especially now when it's cold outside.

In this post I'll write about some ideas for making our macarons healthier. Healthier is not necessarily low calories, but is contain better nutrition facts.

First – let's talk about the macaron's shell ingredients:
Powdered almond – almond is very healthy and contains vitamins
Egg whites– also known as healthy
Sugar – not healthy, but we can't skip this ingrdient, sugar is essential for stabilizing the meringue. When using french meringue method, we use less sugar than the Italian or swiss meringe method. Perhaps this is anothter reason why the the italian meringue macrons are more stable than the french method.
Food colouring – known as not healthy, you don't have to use it, or alternatively you can use a natural food coloring. (By the way, food coloring is used within many products, also those that we think that are all natural). Click here for natural and healthy food colouring ideas

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And now for the fillings:

The filling is our place to be creative and turn the macarons to be different from eachother.
Any "healthy" spread that is suitable for desserts is suitable for macarons, but due to the facts that these spreads are too condensed and moisture (which can break the macarons shells), we can mix it along with:

  • Finely ground almonds / pistachios / seeds / coconuts /nuts
  • Whole grain rice krispies – you can grind it too.  Those are ideal for macarons filling for adding more volume to the filling and for reducing the sweetness (because the macarons shells are already sweet).
  • It is very recommended to add sugar free dried cranberries to the filling. These gives great fruity flavor to the filling, and healthy too.
  • You can make homemade peanut butter, (not prepared spread, only homemade).
  • You can mix the filling with dates, honey, tahini or sesame…
  • You can add cocoa powder – cocoa itself is very healthy.
  • You can use sugar free jam. Jams or confiture are great as macarons filling, just make sure it's not too liquid so it won't ruin the macarons shells.
  • Even if you're making unhealthy filling like buttercream, you can mix it with healthy ingredient such as cocoa powder /  cinnamon / spirulina / goji berries / any "superfood"…

You can use food processor for mixing.

There are many different variations, just make sure that the filling that you make is not soo sweet (becasue the macarons shells are already sweet), and not too liquid, so it won't ruin the macarons shells.

You can buy healthy ready spreads in health stores, you can mix it with ingrdients from the list above. It is of coure recommended to make homemade spread, but it take time to prepare it…

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For healthy personal dessert you can also make banana ice cream:

Chop the banana into rough slices and keep in the freezer for at least 8 hours.
Put banana slices into a food processor for 2 minutes. you can add vanilla extract if you want.

גלידת בננה חןחן

Remove the banana ice cream into a piping bag, pipe into a small glass and drizle cocoa powder above it, as you can see in the photo above. Add the macaron  (with healthy filling) and put on top of it.

You should assemble this dessert not long before youe serve it. This dessert is healthy, gluten and dairy free, and beautiful of course. Just remember that macarons can never be vegan because of the egg whites within the macarons shells.

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As I mentioned before, healthier is not necessarily low calories, but is contain better nutrition facts.

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