ground coconut macaron!

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ground coconut macaron!

עוגיות מקרון צרפתיות עם קוקוס טחון (12)

עוגיות מקרון צרפתיות עם קוקוס טחון (6)

My journey with the spice grinder and the seeking for alternatives for ground almonds is still alive and kicking.. and so tasty..
I've written in my previous posts about some kind of nuts that I tried for macarons, and this time I made  macarons with coconut powder.
I have to admit, my first experiment with ground coconut wasn't good, But my second experiment was total success and I was very excited like I was in the first time when I succeed with making macarons on my own. I was so happy to see that the macarons were growing  "feets" after 4 minutes in the oven.

And now from the beginning:
The first time that i tried to make macaron that made with ground coconut chips, turned to be macarOOns and not macarOns. I put too much ground coconut as it should so when I fold it with the whipped egg whites, I knew it won't  be macarons, but I put it in the oven anyway. It was tasty, though, but these are not macarons:

עוגיות מקרון צרפתיות עם קוקוס טחון (13)

But why to give up? so I tried again
This time the macarons shells was looking like real white macarons
(you can add food coloring if you want)

So I took a picture before I put the filling:

עוגיות מקרון צרפתיות עם קוקוס טחון (1)

I decided to make buttercream, because unlike ganaches or homemade jams, we can use buttercream for filling right after we finish making the filling,  the buttercream doesn't have to chill and get stiff in the refrigerator.

מקרון קוקוס (9)

מקרון קוקוס (4)

מקרון קוקוס (1)

Ground coconut macarons are a little bit sweetier than regular macarons that made with ground almonds.

מקרון קוקוס (6)

מקרון קוקוס (5)

מקרון קוקוס (8)


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