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gluten free cookies

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The statistic review of this website shows that many people enters this site after searching gluten free cookies. I've mentioned few times that the macarons are good for people with gluten intolerance, but in this post i'll write some more about this subject.

So yes, our cute macarons  shells cookies are gluten free, so people who have celiac can enjoy this luxurious cookies. Not all the macarons are gluten free, it depends on what filling are the macarons filled with.

I don't have celiac, but I feel sad about that gluten free products are very pricey. The solution for this problem is to make gluten free dishes at home.

Macarons are the ideal gluten free dessert.

So lets get start with the macarons recipes and ideas:

If you need to bake deserts for kids with gluten intolerance, macarons are the perfect solution. It's recommended for you to make chocolate macarons shells (you can find the recipe in the recipe page on this website). Adding cocoa powder to the macarons shells batter makes the macarons taste like a really good chocolate cookie. Because we're talking about kids, you can sprinke coloured candies on top of the macarons shells like in the picture below, Kids love it.

(You need to add the candies right after piping the macarons, before the macarons get dry).

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You can of course add theses colored candies on top of regular macaron shells.

and now for the simple filling:

whipped cream with icing sugar.

In an electric mixer, put heavy cream and mix ’til it get stiff, add icing sugar and mix a little. make sure the whipped cream won't be so sweet, becausr the macarons shells are already sweet. gradually add softened butter. The whipped cream is ready.

Not only kids can enjoy the macarons, adult can surely enjoy it too.

In the picture below, you can see macarons with classic ganache which is gluten free : heavy cream + dark chocolate. Because it's coffee macarons, the ganache contains espresso as well.

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Now I'll write about one of my favorite ganache, berries ganache, this recipe can be found in 100000 websites…

Raspberry ganache:

50 g heavy cream
100 g white chocolate
25 berries puree
25 g of  butter (optional).


In a small saucepan cook the cream and the berries puree.
remove from the heat, add the white chocolate and stir till smooth batter. you can add butter if you want.
the batter should rest at aleast an hour in the refrigerator before filling the macarons.

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Another gluten free option is the classic option – make buttercream filling, you can add any glutten free flavoured ingredient to the the buttercream.

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This tiny cute glass contains macarons filling leftovers, it's great for dessert. In the bottom i drizzled the berries ganache, and on top I piped the whipped cream, very tasty gluten free desert.

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You can choose infinite colours and fillings for the macarons. Just make sure that the filling is not too sweet and not to wet.


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