Macarons – French meringue method Vs italian meringue method, which method is better?

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Macarons – French meringue method Vs italian meringue method,  which method is better?

This post is dealing with Italian and french meringue method, for information about Swiss merinue method, click here

I think that the macarons are like the Mona Lisa – they're both Italian art creation, but they're both Parisian symbols . Many years ago, macarons were invnented in italia, but they've reached their fame in france. These cookies are the most popular cookies in the land of the patisserie.

If you've tried to make these cookies, you probably have noticed that there are 2 main methods of making the macaron meringue: the itailian meringue, and the french meringue.

So which method is better?
Each method has it own advantages and disadvantages.
Italian meringue macarons? higher chances to succeed, this method doesn't affected by the humidity,  but it takes more steps to make them and its texture doesn't melt in the mouth like the french meringue.
French meringue method? higher chances to fail (it's a very delicate method), but the process take less time, and less kitchenware to wash. The big advantage is that the texture of the french meringue melts in the mouth.

Most of the bakeries prepare macarons with the italian meringue method,  including the macaron master, Pierre Herme. This method takes more steps, but it easier to succeed in this method. Italian meringue is more stable,  and it's not affected by humidity as much as the french meringue.

But here we're talking about home making macarons, so I'll talk about the advantages and disadvantages in the little kitchen.

If it was the football world cup or the euro cup, I would rather Italy to win (I'm crazy about italy), but in my kithchen, the french meringue method is the winner. I prefer this method because of the final taste and texture and because the macarons making takes less time.

The texture of the french meringue macarons melts in the mouth and this method require less sugar than the italian meringue method. Furthermore, in this method I don't need to use candy thermometer‬‏, not to make syrup, and of course not to wash sticky kitchenware because of the sugar syrup. I was curious about the italian method so I've eventually purchased a candy thermometer.

The process of the italian meringue macarons is much more longer. However, The chance that you'll succeed making proper macarons with the italian meringue is 99%. there's more room for mistakes. As mentioned, the french meringue method is a very delicate, any little mistake or pinch of water / dirt can ruin the whole french meringue macarons.
The fact that the italian meringue macarons contain sugar syrup, makes the meringue much more stable. This is an important reason why bakery chefs prefer making the macarons in the italian method.
I've made so many batches of macarons with the french meringue method, so I rather use this fast and risky method. Thank you Mr.experience!

Many people prefer making macarons with the italian method, because it's easier to succeed. The french meringue method made people to give up because it so delicate method. I didn't give up ’til I've managed to make good macarons constantly. (I thank myself that in the begining I didn't want to spend money over candy thermometer that would make me use only the italian meringe method).

So which macarons are tastier? Different strokes for different folks.
There's no big differnce in the taste, the differnce lays in the texture. The italian macarons texture is more stable, "chewy" and "compressed" because  not all the egg whites were beaten.
However, the french meringue macarons are more fluffy and melts in the mouth because all of the egg whites were whipped.
The italian meringue macarons requires more sugar and they're sweetier. You need to beware not to add to them a very sweet ganache so the cookies won't be too sweet.
I think the french macarons tastes better , but there's no accounting for taste.

Some people prefer the italian and some prefer the french meringue, I think that the "cognitive dissonance" takes big part here-  people who hates one method, convince themself that this method is less tasty, just because s/he doesn't like to make macarons in this method :).

Eventually it doesn't matter, if the top is smooth (no cracks) and it has feets, it's a MACARON, no matter if was made with the italian meringue method or with the french meringue method.
Compared to the French meringue macarons method that took me many attempts to succeed,  when I used the italian meringue method, I mangae to succeed in the first attempt. And if I've succeed, anyone can succeed. It was also my first experiment with candy thermometer.

Although there's more room for mistakes in the Italian method, I'll keep making macarons in the french meringue method. Because of the texture, less time to make them and because I hate to wash sticky kitchenware 🙂

these macarons are the first time that I made macarons with the italian meringue method:

מקרונים בשיטה האיטלקית מרנג איטלקי (3)

this is my sticky mixer bowl after adding the sugar syrup (and despite this, the mcacaron went good)

קערת מיקסר מקרון סירופ סוכר

These purple macarons in the photos below,  I've also made with the italian method:

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מקרון סגול חן חייק (4)

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The rest of the photos in this website are photos of macarons that I made with the french meringue method.

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