Freezing macarons – how long can macarons be kept in the freezer

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I'm kind of person who doesn't like to make things on the last moments. Thanks the macaron's god , we can freeze macarons shells and keep them for long time in the freezer.

If you also hate to be under pressure, freezing macarons is a great solution when you have to make a dessert.

Macarons shells can be kept in the freezer for 3 months and nothing happens to them. 20 minutes after you take them out the freezer, they "get back to themselves" – soft and tasty just like fresh macarons shells.

So how should we freeze macarons? after baking the macarons shells, let them chill, then isert it into a sealed box and put in the freezer.
You better freeze only the macarons shells, without the ganache / filling, because not every ganache can stay for long in the freezer.

You can keep macarons for so long, that each time you want or need to make a dessert- just take the macarons out of the freezer and pipe the ganache or filling onto the macarons. Just remember that macarons are tastier one day after they've been in the refrigerator, that way the macaron shells absorb the filling's flavour better. So it is recommended to prepare the macarons with its filling at least one day before eating them.

these macarons shells just got out of the freeze:

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How long can macarons can stay in the refrigerator? It depends on the ganache that the macarons are filled with. Home made macarons without preservatives can stay in the refrigetor like 3 to 10 days.

After "coolin' down", It's the time to talk about banana flavoured macarons. As I mention in every post, the flavours lays in the ganache / filling and not it the macarons shell, theresfore the shells recipe is the same recipe, only with yellow food coloring  beacause it's banana macaron (the food colouring is optional of course).

Bananas, bananas, there's no fruit like bananas, sweet, healthy and full of positive energy.. we don't even need to wash them because they're covered by their peel. It is a definitely a friendly fruit. If the banana are available and tasty, why shouldn't we use them for macarons filling?

There are infinite ways to make banana fillings and ganaches, but what I did was pretty simple.
I smashed a banana with a blending rod (which I've stolen from my mother), I cooked 40 ml of heavy cream in a small saucepan, I add 60 g' of white chocolate to the hot heavy cream, I blend it together with the smashed banana, and the result? sweet tasty banana gamache, but not too sweet, because the macarons shells are already sweet. I was waiting until it will cool down, and then I pipe the banana ganache over the macarons, this ganache doesn't contian expensive ingredients, becuase the main ingredient is banana.

This ganache with macarons can't stay more then 3 days in the refrigerator, becuse the banana releases liquid after a while, so it can ruin the macarons shells.

You can also make a regular ganache (chocoleate + heavy cream) and insert to the batter 1 tablespoon of banana extract. This ganache you can keep more than 3 days…


The following picture are macarons with filling that conatains smashed banana, ground coconut, butter and chocolate spread. I mixed all these ingredients until well combined.

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