Welcome to the home making macarons webpage

This site is all about home making macarons and macarons experiences in the little kitchen.
You can find here tips, recipes, posts, trouble shooting, ideas, macarons flavours and more.
You’re welcome to send me some photos, macarons experiences or post.



About me

Hi everybody
My name is Chen (חן) and I’m from Tel Aviv, Israel. As you can see, I love to bake and eat macarons.
I’m not a proffesional baker and I don’t work in the patisserie biz, but my tremendous love for this french cookies made me to build this website, which is all about home making macarons.
This site is originally in hebrew –
I chose to build a website beacause I thought it would be nice to build a hebrew site which deals only with home baking macarons.  I decided to translate this website to english, even though there are millions webpages about macarons. (I’m sorry for my lazy grammar).
The website is not commercial, I’m not selling macarons and i’m not working in the culinary business.  It was built for fun and because of my big enthusiasm for these cookies.

You can send me some posts if you’d like, and I’ll publish here with your name in it.

I have no facebook, but you can send me an e-mail if you’d like: