Cinnamon macarons

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It's a liitle bit sad that this site is online for 6 months and yet I have not written about cinnamon, isn't it?
Cinnamon combines very good with different kind of food, wheather if it's dessert or weather if its casserole..
Some people hate the taste and the flavour of the cinammon, if you're one of them, get out of this post 🙂

I have a confession to make, if I'll have to choose between hot cinnabon or a macaron, i'll definitely choose the cinnabon, I can't stand this cinnamon pastry with that cream cheese… I'm sure that one day I'll put cinnabon inside a food processor and use it for macarons filling…
’till then, I will make some other cinnamon fillings…

The most reocommended easy making filling, is to mix instant pudding with heavy cream and butter, and add generous quantity of cinnamon powder, it's a great filling beacuse it's not too sweet and the ingredients are not pricey.

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There are more options, you can add cinnamon to any kind of filling you want, just remember that the filling shouldn't be too sweet because the macarons shells are already sweet.
In my first experiment I blended cream cheese with icing sugar and cinnamon, the taste was terible
In my second experiment I did it with mascarpone cheese, and it didn't taste good either
In my last experiment I used ricotta cheese and it turned great, so here is the recipe:

2 table spoon of ricotta cheese
2 table spoons of biscuit crumbs
1 table spoon of room temperture butter
1 flat teaspoon of icing sugar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder

mix all the ingredient until well combined.

don't forget that the macarons are tastier one day after we put them in the refrigerator..

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it's sooooooooo tasty

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אומרים שאגוז מוסקט ממסטל.. לדעתי יש מצב שניחוח הקינמון  גם כן…

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