Chocolate macarons filled with milk spread & cranberries

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Good morning!

This is not the first time that I write about chocolate macarons, but this is the first time that I'll talk about "Multi macaron". Why multi? because It contains various tastes: Chcocolate that comes from the cocoa shells, sweet milk spread, and sweet sour taste from the cranberries.

After long years of ignoring milk spreads in the grocery shops, I decided to buy one. I never bought milk spread beacuse I thought it doesn't taste good, but I was wrong, this spread is the ultmative prepared-bought spread for macarons. The spread is not too sweet and has great firm texture for macarons filling. Because this spread is white, we can color it wth any food coloring we want (unlike chocolate spread that we can't add food colouring). Another advantage is that this spread is not pricey (pricey like lotus spread which is very expensive here in israel).

So.. I made cocoa macarons shells (you can find the recipe in the shell recipes page), I sprinkled coloured candies on top of some macarons, it remindes me the chocolate cookie from "candy crush" 🙂

I took dried cranberries, I chopped it with my sharp global knife, and I mix it together with the milk spread. One tablespoon of chopped cranberries for each 2 milk spread table spoons. The filling is ready for pipping! we don't even need to wait until it gets cool in the refrigerator, like ganaches… Why I chose to add cranberries? because the sour gives great contra for the other ingredients. Great tastes combination.

You can of course use the spread only without the cranberries, you can mix it with any edible ingredient you'd like, everything is allowed as long as the filling is not too sweet or too liquid.

The macarons are much more tasty after they've been several hours in the refrigerator…

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Anyway, milk spread for filling – save your time and money, it recommended for people from age 3 to 120…

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