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After 5 months that this website is online, I've finally fixed the display to be responsive, so now it'll be much more comfortable when surfing through smartphones. 🙂

Most of my posts here contains the words "easy and simple filling recipe", this is becasue I prefer making easy and fast fillings for my macarons, there are several reasons why I prefer it fast and simple:
1. Making the macarons shells itself it's a kind of hard work, so I don't want to work hard on macarons fillings too.
2. I've tasted so many macarons and so many flavours, and my conclusion is that the time that has spent over the filling making, has nothing to do with the taste itself, so why bother making complicate fillings?
3. time is money…

Yesterday I felt like making pale green macarons, I didn't have green food coloring, so I combined yellow and turquoise. The first association that came through with this light green colour was apple, so I decided to make apple filling.

Yes, I could make a great and complicated filling which is to carmelize apple chunks with butter and sugar, and smash the apple, but I didn't do it, I was thinking about idea for short time and simple filling.

So I bought sugar free applesauce (it's important to buy sugarless applesauce, becasue the macarons shells are already sweet). I mixed it together with biscuits crumbs and room temperture butter for one minute (you can buy ready made crumbs, or you can make it with food processor), I use vanilla taste biscuits. After I mixed the crumbs and the applesauce together, I tasted it and it taste delicious. You can use this mixture for many  kind of desserts.

You can drizzle this filling onto the macarons right after  you mix it, unlike ganaches that needs time to be in the refrigerator, this applesauce and biscuits is a fast using filling.
The macarons are tastier after being at least 8 hours in the refrigerator.

So here is the simple and tasty recipe:

Ingredients: Applesause , biscuits crumbs, room temperture butter

Instructions: For each one tablespoon of applesauce, use 3 tablespoons of biscuits crumbs. mix tne ingredients together for at least one minute until it well combined. You can use food processor. you can add softened butter for this filling if you want.

This macarons can stay 4-5 days in the refrigerator, beacuse the applesauce humidity can ruin the macarons shells.

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Anyway, this is a great filling, If you want it to be gluten free, you can use glutenfree coockie crumbs instead, or even use ground cocnuts chips.

There's s that saying: "One apple a day, keeps the doctors away", and I say, one macaron a day, keeps the bad feellings away" 😉

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