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If you've been looking for macarons shells recipe, you propably have seen the funny phrase "aged egg whites".
What does it mean "aged egg whites"? egg whites which were sepreted from the egg yolks for at least one day in advanced.
Is it necessary to age the egg whites? I'll be right answering this question, be patient 🙂
why are we aging the egg whites? as we know, our macarons hate humid, and when we're aging the egg whites, the humidity in the egg whites reduces.
Can we leave the aged egg whites in the refrigerator? yes, but the egg whites must be on room temperture when whipping.
Can we leave the egg whites outside the refrigerator? yes, the egg whites don't become smelly like their brothers, the egg yolks..

So.. is it really necessary to age the egg whites? No, from my experience  (with the french meringue method), we don't have to use aged egg white, but we must always use room temperture egg whites.

most of the times that I make macarons, I don't age the eggwhites, I just wait until it room temperture. When I don't have time to wait, I use a trick which I've learnt from  a you-tube video: I put the eggs in a bowl with slightly warm water (but not boiling so the eggs can't get cooked), and when the eggs are getting warm, I seperate the egg whites. Beware that when seperating the egg whites, the egg can never be wet, water drops can ruin the macarons meringue.

So the bottom line is, you don't have to use aged egg whites, just make sure that the egg whites are on room temperture..

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The following pictures here are macarons that I've made with groung brazil nuts instead of ground almonds, the recipe is the same recipe and the instructions are the same instructions, there's not much difference in the taste, but we can still notice the difference. The result was delicious, I made filling which consist of lotus spread, butter, cream cheese and coconuts chips, great taste and  very crunchy…


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